Woman Tortured In Viral Video Condemns Oritsefemi For Using Clip In Film


Woman tortured by police in a viral video in Osun state has condemned Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi, for using a clip in his latest music video showing police brutality.

Oritsefemi was charged with promoting police brutality after using the woman’s video which was mercilessly flagged by police.

Oritsefemi has also been called out by several users of social media who accused him of promoting police abuse after posting a video of a survivor.

The singer whose song focused on the Coronavirus pandemic used the lady’s video flying to back up his point that “people who think that Coronavirus is a fluke learn their lesson after being beaten.”

However, the woman reached out to Oritsemfemi, requesting an answer as to why he was using the video clip to justify police violence.

Below is a copy of Oritsefemi ‘s message sent to:

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