Captured insurgents from Boko Haram are quarantined and face-masked-DHQ reveals


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The headquarters of the defense says captured members of Boko Haram have face masks and are also quarantined as a step to curb COVID-19 spread.

Recently the military conducted a series of offensives against the rebels and although some were escaping, some were captured.

At a media briefing in Abuja, John Enenche, coordinator of defense media operations, said soldiers on the front line were also provided with personal protective equipment ( PPE) and that troops followed social distancing law.

“The pandemic COVID-19 has changed the way that everything is going to be handled,” he said.

“We have mobilized frontline troops for PPE.

“The moment they (the leaders of Boko Haram) are arrested, they are quarantined and given face masks while they also experience social distance.

“The enemies captured or surrendered shall be handled in accordance with the Geneva Convention. COVID-19 has changed the way things happen on the frontlines and in barracks.

In April, Nigeria’s Defense Industries Corporation (DICON), a defense ministry parastatal, developed a fan known as DICOVENT and PPE to resolve the country’s shortage of medical supplies.

In addition to its primary responsibility for the development of defense equipment, Enenche said that DICON has succeeded in diversifying its person, equipment and machineryas well as research and development capacity, to support a much-needed strategic intervention to cushion the effects of the highly dreaded COVID 19 in the countryā€¯.


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